Creating a luxurious interior for your short-let sanctuary

With trends and seasons coming and going, it can seem hard for any interior-conscious Airbnb host to keep up (not to mention the strain it can put on your wallet!). To make sure that you get the full benefit of putting your home to work, we here at Hostmaker Design recommend building a scheme around a trend that will stand the test of time - luxury. Taking inspiration from our latest project, here are just a few ways that you can affordably achieve an extravagant, luxurious, and brilliantly botanical interior for your short-let sanctuary.

Make a statement with your furniture

Try to choose glamorous furniture pieces that will be standout elements in the room. Think studded ottomans, richly coloured velvet armchairs, a chaise lounge tucked in the corner of the room draped with a throw; they may cost just a little more than your run-of-the-mill purchases, but they will quickly become your hero pieces, and can be the base on which you create your entire scheme. It’s pieces like these that will help you stand out online compared to other listings on Airbnb!

Put it to bed

To make beds look luxurious, layer up textured cushions and throws for extra comfort, especially in the lead up to those colder months! Keep it relaxed, not worrying too much about the arrangement, and try not to give into the temptation to neaten these elements up. If your room is painted dark, embrace the theme by choosing dark bedlinen, and atmospheric bedside lamps with dark shades. After all, nothing says “welcome!” to a guest quite like a cozy, well-dressed bedroom.

Lean into the green

Mix in plenty of botanical elements both flora - cactuses, succulents, potted trailing ivies - and faux-na - botanical prints or a bold statement wall covered in floral wallpaper, to create real visual impact in a room. Designers Guild is our firm favourite for adding a little green into the mix without getting our hands dirty. When shopping for plants, pick from local markets - they are much cheaper than florists or boutique plant stores. With guests choosing Airbnb in order to feel like they are “living like a local”, this is the perfect way to add a homey touch to your short-let.

Read all about it

Pick out cultural and lifestyle books with covers that complement your colour scheme, to act as part of the decor, propped up atop fireplaces or placed on tables. Charity shops will help you find interesting and unique titles, and is a cheap way to to add some extra colour to your walls by filling up any empty bookshelves. Plus, guests can always peruse for new holiday reading whilst admiring your collection...


Boutique, c’est chic

For unique finds that will help add plenty of character to your home, don’t be afraid to really rummage around your local vintage boutiques! Or, if you’re more of an online shopper, keep an eye out for new boutique stores online. Collate a curated collection of one-of-a-kind new and pre-loved items to help create a homely and lived-in feel for your guests.

Photographs taken by Ola Smit

Siri Thomassen