Autumnal decoration for your Airbnb

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As we sit and think about our next style tips we want to share with you this season in London, we look out the window; the leaves are crisp outside - an array of golden brown hues and a wealth of colours to admire falling from the tall city trees. Autumn is perhaps the easiest season to be inspired by and it’s a lovely time to let nature influence your interiors and Airbnb homes, from rich and ripened painting schemes, to small autumnal styling accents for your home.  

Our latest project this November was the perfect cosy Kensington home to give an autumnal twist too, making bold decisions with a well seasoned colour palette, inspired by our favourite time of year. Follow our tips to bring heartwarming autumnal vibrance into your homes, for your guests taking retreat and escaping the city chills outside.  

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Bring the Outdoors In

We love to bring nature into the home. Nature is calming and can be used creatively to enhance feeling and personality in interiors.  Accessorise and spruce up your old pots and vases with long autumnal stems, such as catkin and evergreen branches, as well as long twigs with berries on.  Blend in a mix of shades with browns, oranges and also some more leafy greens. You want your decor to last, so faux stems are a good choice, but mix them with real ones to look more authentic and add a small amount of water in transparent glass vases to enhance this, even for the entirely faux arrangements. Look to Abigail Ahern and Neptune for faux inspiration, or for money saving options, collect tall twigs from the woods of varying heights and sizes to stand in jugs for table top accessorising, or use cheaper eucalyptus stems from your local florist for a more leafy look.  

Colours Galore

There are so many fabulous colours to consider when you look at nature outside, but don’t be too obvious with your choices when it comes to paint schemes. Look at richer and unusual shades from Farrow & Ball (or colour match these at a Leyland’s store) and opt for dark options that help to make a room feel really snug. Choose shades in the aubergine/ hearty browns / dark reds range, such as Mahogany and Tanners Brown - both packed with warm undertones to give a beautifully unique depth of colour. For something more vibrant, Brinjal gives a warm and highly sophisticated finish - revealing it's rich alluring purple shades - it’s a real showstopper.

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Accessorise with texture

To contrast to other flat dark colours in the room, use earthy concrete textures when picking ornaments to decorate rooms to bring some interest to fireplaces and shelves. Use a variety of sizes and colours of stone and cluster together randomly. You can pick these up from Trouva, Abigail Ahern, local garden centre homeware departments or our favourite option - high street charity shops! Use texture on the walls with brassy mirror frames to set against deep paint colours on feature walls and pick warm chunky knit textured throws for the bedrooms to bring warmth and comfort to white sheets on guest beds. If you have a lot of throws, pop them into a wicker basket and place next to armchairs so guests can curl up with a magazine for the evening - it's a good idea to buy a magazine rack too and fill with seasonal magazines and winter reads.


Make it easy for guests to avoid using overhead lighting in a room - use warm lamps on bedside tables to create a cosy glow for bedtime reading. For other areas in the room, try enhancing decorative corners with a warm uplighter to highlight prettier areas - John Lewis provide some affordable options and using these can make a real difference to the calm feeling in a space. Candles placed in glass lanterns can also be a nice option and can scent the room with familiar festive smells. If you’re worried about providing real candles in the home however, use battery power tealights/ fairy lights in your schemes. The White Company have some lovely classic lantern styles or Not On The Highstreet offer an abundance of original choices to peruse though. Lighting is key, especially in darkly painted rooms. 

With the festive holidays in mind, it's the little details inside your Airbnb home that will make those memorable experiences for your visitors, especially this cosy time of year. Follow our easy tips to lend a more luxurious autumnal touch that will stay with guests this season. 

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Photos by Romain Duquesne

Siri Thomassen