How It Works

We are a fast-turn-around, low budget service with specific knowledge and experience in Airbnb home design and styling. Our design services help make properties stand out on booking platforms amongst 100’s of other listings and get those all important bookings at good rates, as priced by our dynamic in-house pricing strategists. Interested in knowing how we do it? Well, here it goes:




Step 1

Meet Your Designer

The starting point of our adventure. We aim at providing a one-of-a kind professional service, so one of our design specialists will sit with you for a quick chat regarding the process and budget, the timelines and the aesthetics for your specific project.

This can be arranged either through a flat visit (we would love to fly over and visit all nests, but we can design for you from afar too) so we can also do it the 2.0 way where you will just have to send over pictures and floor plan by email. Easy peasy.




Step 2

Price Estimate & Mood Board

We understand you might have concerns and want to have a clear picture of what will happen to your lovely home and how we will make it all happen. So, ta-dah! In this step you will receive: a complete and detailed price breakdown of all the design services you have requested, and a one page scheme that includes your own thoughtfully selected colour palette and the overall design style and direction that will guide us through the whole process.

And if you feel like it, this is the perfect time for you to unleash your creativity and collaborate in whichever way you feel like, from adding your personal style to the overall look, or by letting us know if there is any particular style or colour that you love. Whatever you like we can work with it!




Step 3

Presentation of Design

The masterplan behind the soon-to-be dream reality. Everything you need in a simple but highly curated presentation: the design, the selection, the numbers and all the small print you should read and know. No hidden fees below our tiny wings.




Step 4

The Extras

From creating the shopping lists (including all the links and current item prices), to tracking, chasing, tracking and chasing some more, and getting things finally delivered. We can also ease up the overwhelming task of installing all furniture with the help of our experienced third party team of handymen or decorators. Trust us, we will get the work done and you will finally get your home looking like that home magazine ad you’ve been dreaming of.

Finally, as you already know, we are part of Hostmaker, Europe’s #1 Airbnb service apartment management company. Ehem ehem. For this reason, we take pride of having the expertise and specific knowledge on what works on Airbnb and other short or even midterm rental channels. We can professionally style your home with all the important final touches and then our photographer will take beautiful, high quality photos of your home, to make your listing stand out from the busy crowded market.