It all began 2 years ago with a small and special project in St. John Woods, London. Hundreds of boxes unpacked and many 5 star ratings later, we grew our love for design into a bigger, bolder and of course, beautiful vision of sharing, connecting, and inspiring hosts and guests with attractive spaces designed with care, detailed knowledge and a purpose.

We leverage on our team’s expertise on short and midterm rentals, as well as on our deep understanding of business and leisure travellers, and combine our passion for design, travelling and exploration, to help hosts in London, Barcelona, Paris and Rome, create liveable and exciting homes that guests from all around the world love and appreciate... And they even want to instagram!

We believe each project we take on should harmoniously shake and disrupt the traditional notion of what a home is, and push the boundaries towards what a home could be, and more importantly, how it should make us feel. We try to design our homes so they combine comfort - speedy wifi, soft crisp linen and towels and all the necessary kitchen supplies, with a sense of discovery - little surprises awaking the 5 senses of your guests and that make them go "wow!'.  

The Hostmaker Team